My name is Andy Splichal.

I am the author of the Make Each Click Count book series as well as the founder of True Online Presence, the founder of The Academy of Internet Marketing and the host of The Make Each Click Count Podcast.

Today is a new and exciting time in the world of eCommerce. A time where small to medium size companies can compete on an almost even playing field with brick and mortar stores that have been around for a hundred years as well as compete or even work with Internet conglomerates such as Amazon.


Each piece of content I create, whether a book, a new podcast episode or a new course, works to help eCommerce owners and marketers improve their online marketing. My goal is simple. To help you generate more sales and higher profits.


I hope you enjoy what I've created for you and happy marketing!



The Make Each Clicks Count Podcast reveals techniques and methods to accelerate sales and profits using paid ads while making sure you are getting the absolute most from your online marketing dollars.




Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping - Revealing Profits & Strategies

When done well, Google Shopping provides eCommerce retailers with the most profitable marketing channel available today. However, advertising with Google Shopping has many moving parts including creating and uploading products to Google Merchant Center, managing products inside the Google Ads interface, and optimizing your account results based on historical data. The complexity of Google Shopping creates many poorly managed and underperforming accounts leaving vast opportunities for those that can create well-run and optimized Google Shopping campaigns.


Packed with strategies and step-by-step instructions, Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping delivers the knowledge needed for those wanting to properly setup, optimize and profit using Google Shopping to advertise for years to come.

Make Each Click Count - The T.O.P. Guide To Success Using Google AdWords

Can Your Business Generate Substantial Revenue Advertising on Google AdWords Regardless of Industry?

The short answer is “Yes”. However, recently some companies (typically those that have never experienced prolonged success using AdWords) have shied away from advertising on Google in lieu of advertising on other, newer advertising platforms. With thoughts such as “Google is oversaturated” and “Important keywords are just too expensive to generate a profitable ROI”, advertisers have decided to forgo advertising with Google. This is a huge mistake and those companies are simply leaving profits and customers to their competitors.


Google continues to be the leader in online searches and where millions of potential consumers visit each day to actively search and purchase products and services. By running a properly optimized AdWords account, advertisers can increase their traffic and increase their sales while enjoying a healthy ROI. After reading Make Each Click Count, advertisers will have all the tools needed to turn their Google advertising into a profitable marketing channel that generates positive results 24/7, 365 days a year!



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